What’s your English learning mindset?

She just has a natural talent for languages!”…As someone who supports English language learners, this is a sentence I hear on a regular basis. Everyone knows someone who can just ‘pick up’ a language seemingly very easily and then compares themselves unfavourably to that person.

English Learning Mindset

In our English classes at MixTree Languages we try to help people to become aware of this unhelpful ‘fixed’ mindset, and help them move towards a ‘growth’ mindset.

These two psychological attitudes were first described by psychologist Carol Dweck – to get more detail you can watch her TED talk.
When it comes to language learning, these are the descriptions of the two mindsets:

One practical thing you can do to encourage the growth mindset in your English learning is to make a list/collect your favourite/most important mistakes (the ones which cause misunderstandings, give the wrong impression, or are repeated). By loving your mistakes you can grow from them! Loving your mistakes is an important part of our English lessons at MixTree Languages. You will receive useful and constructive feedback on your mistakes from our experienced teachers, which you can use to improve your English.

Would you like to get some tips and tricks for your English learning journey? Contact us and we will help you accomplishing your language goals.