Accommodation in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a place to stay near MixTree Languages? No worries, there are a lot of possibilities to stay in the area!

Some students and friends told us that they found rooms and apartments for a short period in Air Bnb ( ).

We can also suggest, without any fee, some convenient hotels close to MixTree Languages and the city center:

You can also check these groups in facebook :

RECOMMENDED!  ALX Selected Hotels & Hostels are designed to help people to enjoy the city as much as possible and socialise more easily:    Amsterdam Language Experience:   – ALX Selected Hotels & Hostels

Recommended for Italian people:   LAVORAREINOLANDA.IT
They are a Dutch company, created by Italians residing in the Netherlands, and they are specialised in job search, finding accommodation, and the handling of all the necessary paperwork for Italian people who want to move to the Netherlands. To help people, Lavorare in Olanda will take over and optimise your resume, then literally write cover letters and have one of their advisors apply for jobs for you, by hand.

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