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Intensive English Course in Amsterdam

The Intensive English Courses at MixTree Languages are designed for students who are ready to dedicate time to improving their speaking, strengthening their grammar, and growing their vocabulary.

The following courses start every 4 weeks:

  • The A2 Course for pre-intermediate students who can already speak a little about themselves, but may need to strengthen some areas of basic grammar and vocabulary
  • The B1 Course for intermediate students who are ready to deepen their understanding of English grammar and expand their vocabulary on a variety of topics
  • The B2 Course for upper-intermediate students who will tackle more advanced grammar structures and focus on vocabulary tasks that require a stronger command of written and spoken English

At every level, the focus of the intensive courses is the same: communication!  You will review, learn, and remember grammar and vocabulary through constant interaction and fun speaking tasks.

Our popular ‘Activate your English’ programmes are effective because:

  • You activate your grammar through a focus on speaking, which makes it easier to remember
  • Your learning is supported by high quality course materials. You will receive a folder with reference materials the first day of your course.You don’t need to buy any books!
  • Your experienced teachers guide you to develop personalised learning goals
  • You learn in a friendly, fun atmosphere and have the opportunity to socialise and practise your English also through your class WhatsApp group and at our English Cafe meetup (3 extra hours per week included in the course price)

All our ‘Activate your English’ programmes are:

  • Taught by professionals: we only work with highly experienced and certified (minimum CELTA or TEFL qualification) native or bilingual English teachers.
  • Expertly designed: our MA qualified Learning Manager uses her deep understanding of the learning process and professional materials to create effective learning programmes.
  • Focused on you: your detailed level assessment will place you on the correct course and our teachers will support you to develop personalised learning goals. You will receive regular feedback on your language to help you improve.
  • Highly interactive: we use an innovative approach to maximise the time you have for speaking, discussing, and role playing in class. Speaking is the most effective way to improve your English.

Certificate of Attendance and Proficiency Level

All packages include: final one to one evaluation and a Certificate of Attendance and Proficiency Level, we use the standardized Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Levels Elementary A2;       Intermediate B1;       Upper-Intermediate B2
Start dates August 31, September 28, October 26 and November 23, 2020
Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Time from 9.30 to 12.00;   or from 12.30 to 15.00;   or from 15.30 to 18.00
Classroom hours 40 hours – 10 hours per week – 4 weeks in total
Self-study 36 hours
Group size 8 – 14 participants
Course book ✔
Level test ✔
Course certificate ✔
Summer Courses August 31, 2020

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