How to become a fluent English speaker: 7 tips for you


Always jealous of everybody who just seems to speak English fluently? You are not the only one. But don’t worry; you will become fluent too! Not sure where to start? We’re here to help you out. These tips will definitely help you on your way to becoming fluent in English.


1.     Stop doubting yourself. You can do it!

There’s no need to hesitate. The only way to become fluent in English is to practice, practice, practice. So feeling insecure about your English isn’t going to help you. Just get out there and start practising your English as much as you can!


2.     Immerse yourself in English

Set your Facebook language settings to English, start reading British or American news apps, watch your favourite shows without subtitles (or with English subtitles), pick a nice English podcast to listen to during your commute or workout. There are so many ways to incorporate English into your daily life. You will see that by incorporating these habits, your English will improve every day. You will expand your vocabulary, learn pronunciation and very soon you will be fluent in English.


3.     Practice in the mirror

Start speaking to yourself in English. This way, you will get used to hearing your voice in English. This will make you more confident the next time you have to speak to another person. Because here’s the secret: a large part of becoming fluent is just feeling comfortable speaking English.


4.     Don’t worry about the grammar

And another tip to boost your confidence: don’t worry about the grammar when you’re having a conversation in English. Remember: even fluent or native speakers make grammatical errors. People are really not going to start a crusade against you if you accidentally say ‘did not had’ instead of ‘did not have’. They are still going to understand the point you’re making. And that is the important part. And no, we’re not saying that grammar is not important. But the truth is: as long as you keep practising, your grammar will improve as well.


5.     Use new words immediately

Did you already try out tip number 2 and find a new word in your news story/YouTube video? Look up the meaning, and try to use it in conversation immediately. This way, you will remember what it means and feel confident about using new words. Find and use a new word every day, and you will be fluent in English before you know it!


6.     Find a language buddy

Yes, we have said it many times before: practice makes perfect (and fluent). So find yourself a language buddy, and make sure to practice every day. Don’t know where to find a buddy? Try to search online! There are many language groups on Facebook, for instance. Conversations on WhatsApp or Skype also count!


7.     Start binging

Do you have a favourite movie that you could just watch over and over and over again? Do it! (Provided that it’s an English-spoken movie, naturally). Start watching with subtitles in your native language, then switch to English and finally try to watch it without subtitles. When you know every word of the original movie and the subtitles, you’re definitely a step closer to being fluent.

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