English lessons in Amsterdam: a great opportunity to speak, speak, speak!


One of the most effective ways to improve your English is to find English lessons which give you as many opportunities as possible to speak English.


Why should my English lessons be about speaking?


Part of the reason is that when you speak with another person you will get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your communication. So, during a conversation you will notice what the other person understood or didn’t understand. You will also notice what words or phrases you were missing. This interaction and noticing process makes it more likely that the word/phrase will stay in your long term memory.


How can taking English lessons in Amsterdam support this?


Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city where English is spoken as a second language. This means that if you take English lessons in Amsterdam you will have more opportunities outside of class to continue practising your English. Added to this there are many activities and groups in Amsterdam which are run via English.

Finding a way to include more English conversation in your life will really help increase your active vocabulary. Here are some suggestions:

  • Join a MeetUp group (this could be focused on English, or on a topic you are interested in via English)
  • Find a language exchange partner (online or in person)
  • Volunteer via English

All our English lessons at MixTree Languages Amsterdam are focused on providing maximum speaking opportunities in order to activate your English. Contact us to find out more!