Affordable, quality English courses in Amsterdam Centre

MixTree Languages has recently moved their English school to a new location in the heart of Amsterdam.

MixTree Languages opened in 2014 as a non-profit organisation whose goal was to celebrate Amsterdam’s diversity and share its many cultures through group English classes and cultural events.

The sense of community continues to be at the heart of MixTree’s mission. Fun, dynamic classes that encourage interaction are the hallmark of all MixTree Languages’ educational programmes, and its social events, including a weekly language meetup, still mark its calendar. Of course, during these corona times, the weekly meetups have temporarily moved online to Facebook

Interactive and dynamic classes

At MixTree Languages, you’re not going to get boring grammar lessons and memorisation drills. What you will get is plenty of time to practise the language that you need, whether it’s for travelling the world or giving a successful business presentation. MixTree uses their unique “Activate your English” methodology to make sure students spend as much time as possible speaking in class.