Amsterdam Language Experience Partners With MixTree Languages English School

Amsterdam Language Experience is a small team of young professionals who relocated to Amsterdam a few years ago. Now, they’re using their first-hand experience to help new Amsterdammers integrate into the city with their start-up, Amsterdam Language Experience (ALX). ALX has chosen MixTree Languages as their partner institute for English language courses in Amsterdam.

What does ALX do?

ALX helps with three main areas of integration in Amsterdam:

  • Language Education: ALX’s partner English institute, MixTree Languages, offers a wide variety of English courses both on-site and online. MixTree has high-quality instructors who are native and bilingual English speakers with at least five years of experience in addition to their teaching qualification. MixTree’s proven ‘Activate Your English’ method focuses on personalized lessons that empower students to build confidence in speaking.
  • Housing: ALX has partnered with local hotels, and they also have their own properties where clients can stay. All of ALX’s properties are fully furnished, and they handle all of the maintenance requests so that the client needs nothing more than their personal belongings to start their journey. 
  • Job Placement: Amsterdam is filled with job opportunities and a lot of talent waiting to fill those roles. ALX will help clients polish their interview skills, create an attractive new CV,  and give them direction so they know where to look and how to stand out. ALX guarantees clients interviews at companies and will put them in the best position possible to find the job that they need to thrive. 

How does it work?

You can choose different packages according to your specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you just need housing or if you need all three services—ALX can help set you up in your new home. They’ll also help you get your most useful Amsterdam accessory, a bike

Whether you’re coming to Amsterdam to work or study, Amsterdam Language Experience can help make your transition as smooth as possible. If you want to know more, check them out at